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New Exam Features

Our development team works hard to continuously make improvements to Visual-Eyes in order to maximize efficiency for our clinics. Recently there have been some great features added to the Exam module that we are excited to share with you.
Directly within Exam, you can now create billings and recalls, recommend invoice items, and view pre-test history. You can read more about these additions HERE.
Implementing these new features into your clinic can accelerate procedures, saving you time and money. For additional information, you can view the New Features in Version 6 - Apr 2017 webinar.

Collection Call Strategies

When a customer has an outstanding balance on their account, the most effective method to resolve the situation is to speak with them over the phone. By implementing the following strategies, you can create a confident and successful collection call.

  1. Avoid collection calls altogether by receiving payment before the customer leaves.
  2. Have a specific team member administer the collection process.
  3. Have records handy with the account details.
  4. Do not leave voice mails.
  5. Actively listen to the customer's complaints and let them acknowledge the debt.
  6. Make it easy for customers to pay you by taking credit card payments over the phone.
  7. Be empathetic.
  8. Get the customer to commit on a specific payment plan.

Regardless of how professionally you handle the call, customers might be upset, embarrassed, or frustrated. Remember your goal is not only to collect payment, but to acknowledge any complaints, rectify discrepancies, and to maintain or repair the relationship with your customer.