Purchasing Pre-Test Equipment?

Thinking of buying pre-test equipment but not sure which brand to go with? Or have you already decided on one model in particular? It is beneficial to check with us before making your big purchase.
Most clinics already have pre-test equipment linking to and transferring data into Visual-Eyes. This saves your clinic time; helps you become more efficient; reduce errors; and saves double entry.
Are you considering a new piece of equipment? You can check our website for a list of current models we link with, or contact our support team.  Currently, we directly integrate with over 70 models of equipment, ranging from Lensmeters, Tonometers, Keratometers, Autorefractors, and Auto Phoropters.  Click here to view the current list of the pre-test equipment models that we interface with.
If we do not presently support your model, let us know so that we can start working on the integration before you make your purchase. This will then allow us to get your machine operating to its highest potential. Otherwise, if you are purchasing a machine we already support, please contact our support team to book a scheduled appointment to interface your new equipment.