Purchasing Pre-Test Equipment?

Thinking of buying pre-test equipment but not sure which brand to go with? Or have you already decided on one model in particular? It is beneficial to check with us before making your big purchase.
Most clinics already have pre-test equipment linking to and transferring data into Visual-Eyes. This saves your clinic time; helps you become more efficient; reduce errors; and saves double entry.
Are you considering a new piece of equipment? You can check our website for a list of current models we link with, or contact our support team.  Currently, we directly integrate with over 70 models of equipment, ranging from Lensmeters, Tonometers, Keratometers, Autorefractors, and Auto Phoropters.  Click here to view the current list of the pre-test equipment models that we interface with.
If we do not presently support your model, let us know so that we can start working on the integration before you make your purchase. This will then allow us to get your machine operating to its highest potential. Otherwise, if you are purchasing a machine we already support, please contact our support team to book a scheduled appointment to interface your new equipment.

Preparing for Visual Connect

Our first group of clients are actively sending out reminders to patients through e-mail and SMS. In our soft rollout we plan to have 20 locations live by the end of this month.  
To prepare for implementation of our "set it and forget it" patient reminder system, we recommend that you sign up for our webinar on December 6th at 2:30PM MST.  Shelley and Kayla will go through the new module and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Key things that you can do today to be ready for implementation include:
  • Contact our sales team to ensure your installation spot is reserved
  • Continue collecting e-mail and mobile numbers for all of your patients as they are booking appointments
  • Ensure consent (@contact) is properly filled in on all of your patients during your check in process
  • Make sure your entire team's properly updating all statuses throughout Visual-Eyes
  • Start planning your patient scripts
Visual Connect will be ready for our second wave of installations starting early January 2017.  For pricing, information, or to schedule your installation, please contact  For more details view our Preparing for Visual Connect Tip Sheet.

What is RECALC and Why is it important?

Do you regularly run a RECALC on your database?

Running a RECALC is similar to refreshing an Internet page, it ensures all of your calculated fields in Visual-Eyes are up to date.

Abnormal circumstances, such as a network disconnect or a miscommunication between workstations, can cause inaccuracies within some of the calculated fields in your data. A RECALC simply ensures that all summary values are accurate. This will save you time during month end invoice and billing checks.

Please refer to our easy How to Guide for more details.

Importance of the Consent Module

The Consent module, found in the Visual-Eyes base module, is designed to help your clinic operate within Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation.

Visual Connect, (currently in beta testing) allows you to send appointment confirmations, recalls, order updates and more to your patients through e-mails and text messages. It works directly with the Consent module, which is used to track how your patient prefers to be contacted, as well as the type of consent that was given. Utilizing the Consent module properly ensures you are communicating with your patients the way they want and in accordance with applicable regulations.

The sooner you start using the Consent module, the better prepared you will be to communicate with your patients.

Please join us on September 8th for a detailed review of how to setup and use the Consent Module. You can also refer to our reference guide on Documenting Patient Contact Consent.