Reports Corner

How Effective are your Staff?

Have you ever wondered how to measure what your individual team members are spending their time doing?

Visual-Eyes has a number of reports that will allow you to look at staff effectiveness.

For example, the attendant stat reports, located under the invoice section of your reports module, allows you to see who is servicing your patients and to what extent. Who is selling Contact Lenses and other products? Which lenses are each dispenser selling? What are each team member's relative sales volumes?

  • Served By (Detailed) - allows you to drill down into team member performance giving details including patient names. Typically restricted to just a few staff.
  • Served By (Summary) - an overall performance report, viewed by category and served by. Typically run with everything select all.
  • Category by Item - useful to determine possible product training areas. Typically restricted to a few categories of interest.
  • Profit By Sales (By Cat.) - interesting report on profitability, but only effective if your costs are entered accurately.

These reports are very powerful and can help you identify areas of strengths, weaknesses and potential for individual team members. This data may help your management team identify areas requiring training, help set staffing levels, and ultimately reward your team members by managing facts versus relying on emotions.

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