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Why Track Metric Values?

"If you measure it, it will improve." Every business has key values which if tracked, can drastically effect the performance of your business. In the optometry industry, one of these key metrics is your average revenue per full exam (also sometimes called 'revenue per patient'.)

Why is revenue per full exam so important? It is the one metric that lets you see the average monetary value of each patient appointment. If you are effectively selling your services to your patients, then this value will increase. As a result, it is a great overall performance indicator.

Another key metric is the percentage of new patients. Depending on what development stage your clinic is in, this value can be dramatically different. For most established clinics, a healthy range is 12 - 15% new patients. However, if we are looking to grow an established clinic, aiming for 20-25% would be required to see significant growth as you have to take into account the effects of attrition.

Using our Office Statistic reports, you can dive further into these stats and more.

By simply tracking and talking about key metrics on a regular basis, you can drive change in your office. Pick one key metric and add it to your regular staff meetings today! Better yet, create daily engagement on the metric of choice by posting regular updates in a visible location for team members to see.

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