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What Guided your Patients to Choose your Clinic?

As business owners, knowing your referral sources and successful marketing programs is an important aspect of managing growth.

The first step to find out where your patients are coming from is to start asking!

For new patients, you might ask: How did you hear about our office? The answers should be entered consistently, in Visual-Eyes on your main patient screen under "referred by". We recommend that all your standard methods, especially those you have invested in, are included (e.g. yellow pages, google search, billboards, and so on). Using the Patient Demographic report, you can track the results to see what is working.

In cases where the referral source is an existing patient, make sure you link the patients together using the "..." button. The most common referral source in optometry offices has traditionally been word of mouth. Since most clinics grow based on patient referrals, have you considered putting in place a patient referral program? Using the Referral List report in Visual-Eyes, you can then reach out to your patients to thank them for their referral.

For existing patients, we want to know what brought them back in to the clinic. What prompted their call today? Did they see an ad? Was it your ad, or someone else's? Did you call about their recall?

An effective way to track the answer is by using one of your scheduler's custom fields to store this information. This allows you to use the scheduler demographic report to track why your patients continue to book appointments. Make sure if you prebook, to enter "prebooked" as the trigger for the booking field.

Triggers may also hold true for new patients. For example, a neighbour might have recommended the clinic, however it was a facebook ad that triggered booking the appointment. The neighbour should be linked on the main patient screen and the booking trigger identified as "facebook ad".

By first asking and then reporting on this information, we can now calculate ROI's on various marketing initiatives.

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