Reports Corner

Report Repository

We are continually being asked by clients for new reports to help them meet some of their specific needs. A few of these reports are quite unique to the clinic itself, but others are reports that can benefit other practices as well.

Our favourite and most useful ones that we have not had time to find a proper home for, end up in the Repository. This is found under the Custom section in the Reports module.

Here you can find some useful reports for the Visual Book module. By running the VB vs Office Booking report, you can see the number of patients who have booked online vs in the office. It goes even further, allowing you to see what effect the booking method has on the no show or cancellation rates. Want to know the names of patients who booked online? The Online Booking Summary will tell you that.

Are you participating in a provincial I See I Learn Program? The Repository also contains various provincial reports for these programs.

I encourage you to go into your Reports module and try out a new report today. Just remember to Preview it first so that you avoid accidentally destroying a tree if it is not quite what you are looking for!