Reports Corner

Reports to Help You Stay on Top of Your Invoicing

With all that goes on with running a business, we sometimes forget how important it is to make sure we are collecting money for the products and services we provide.

There are two equally vital parts to this collection process. The first, would be to confirm we are charging patients for all the products and services we offer. The second would be the collection process itself.

There are a few ways in Visual-Eyes to help ensure that you have not missed invoicing anything. The most important method would be running the Day End Summary in the scheduler. This allows us to view if we have properly completed all aspects of the patient's visit, including charging them for services. Other important invoice reports would include the Rx and CL Income Verification Reports, which can confirm if products have been properly invoiced. Detailed instructions for these reports can be found HERE.

Stayed tuned next month, as we discuss tips for staying on top of collecting from your outstanding accounts.