Reports Corner

Collecting on Your Outstanding Accounts

Collecting from patients and third parties with an outstanding account can be an intimidating ordeal. Here are a few key steps to follow to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible:

  1. Run your Outstanding Invoices Report, weekly - See which patients have a balance owing, either personally or on behalf of their third-party insurer.
  2. Notify patients early with a phone call and try to collect over the phone - By placing your initial calls within days of the transaction, it stays fresh in everyone's mind.
  3. Send missed invoice(s) immediately - From the Outstanding Invoices Report, reprint the invoices by family to make the process more efficient.
  4. Monthly, send past due notices - If the invoice remains unpaid after the first phone call and invoice reminder, a red 'past due' stamp on the second invoice is often effective.
  5. Call again, at different times of day - If the account remains outstanding, collection calls allow you to speak with late-payers directly and make specific payment arrangements.

It is best practice to run your Outstanding Invoices Report on a weekly basis, re-send invoices once a month, and conduct your collection calls two weeks later. Do not forget to make notes at every stage. 

Please click HERE for instructions on how to retrieve the Outstanding Invoice Report and on how to print statements for insurers with payments owing.