Chicken Breath

Official Training Mascot

Chicken has been coming to work with her mom (Shelley Allarie) since January of 2011. Her full registered name is Schatzies Chicken Breath – she was named after one of Shelley's favorite hunting dogs. Chicken has kept up with the Allarie family tradition of bird hunting in the fall, and fishing in the NWT during the summer.

Chicken enjoys truck rides, quad rides and even float plane rides, but does not enjoy baths or trips to the vet. She also enjoys lunch time at the office as she typically gets half of whatever Shelley (or Robert) is having!

We Asked Chicken...

"What do you do in your free time?"

Arf Arf

"What is your favorite place that you have travelled to?"

~tail wag~

"If you were not working at Visual-Eyes, what would you be doing?"

~grumbles and lays down~