Heather Debruijn


Heather joined the Visual-Eyes team after working in the banking sector for 15 years. Glenn and Anne who had been her clients, wooed her away from her bank job and she became part of our Visual-Eyes family in August 2010 as our company Controller, overseeing all financial aspects of the business.

Her move from a large corporate environment to a small, family-orientated workplace was a welcomed change. At Visual-Eyes, we bring an entirely new meaning to the word 'teamwork', and Heather enjoys how you are valued as a person and not another number.

We Asked Heather...

"What do you do in your free time?"

I am a recreational triathlete so training takes up a lot of my spare time and I have made it a family affair with my kids and husband also participating.

"What is your favorite place that you have travelled to?"

Paris and Rome were awesome! The amount of history there was incredible compared to here in Alberta.

"If you were not working at Visual-Eyes, what would you be doing?"

More triathlons and travelling.