John Morgan

Lead Software Developer

John is always striving to find the best ways to implement new features that in turn, facilitate a better service for new and existing clients. He has been with the organization for over a decade, starting in 2004 and working through many facets of the company including Technical Support, Software Development, and Management.

John is the Head of Software Development and our lead programmer on the current version of Visual-Eyes®, utilizing skills from his B. Tech in Computer Sciences. He continues to seek growth both in the products we develop, and in his own personal career. John has graduated from both the Dale Carnegie Effective Communication Human Relations/Skills for Success Course and the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers Course. Most recently he has completed his Scrum Master Certification.

We Asked John...

"What do you do in your free time?"

I spend time with my family, look into cancer research and evolutionary studies, and play video games.

"What inspires you?"

Discovering new ideas, and the natural world in general.

"If you had 1 million dollars but had to spend it in one day, what would you buy?"

I would invest it and build a personal research lab/office.