Mark Mierau

Scrum Master/Lead Tester

Mark has celebrated over a decade (started in 2006) of working at Visual-Eyes. He started off working his way through customer support to where he is now as a Development Tester and Scrum Master. His areas of specialization include the reporting, dispensing and inventory modules of Visual-Eyes.

Mark is a graduate of Lethbridge Community College with a Diploma in Computer Information Technology. He has also completed the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers, and Effective Communications and Human Relations courses. Most recently he achieved his Scrum Master Certification. Mark is dedicated to using his many skills to improve our software to make our clients' lives easier.

We Asked Mark...

"What do you do in your free time?"

A wide array of things from playing video games and board games, to drawing and watching TV, to boating, fishing, and camping.

"Where would be your favorite place to live?"

Victoria, British Columbia

"If you were not working at Visual-Eyes, what would you be doing?"

I would take some additional schooling in areas such as database administration and graphic design.