Robert Tennant

Technical Support Agent

Before joining the Visual-Eyes team, Robert worked for 7 years in various retail customer service roles. He was referred to us by Shawn, one of our previous Customer Solutions Agents, and we are very happy to have him aboard. He is a very dedicated team member and enjoys being able to help many of our clients.

Robert fits right in with the rest of our "techies" since he started with us in 2013. He has two cats he refers to as "hairy plants" and lives by the advice of don't stick your finger in your eye. He takes his coffee black and will never be seen without pants (he doesn't believe in shorts).

We Asked Robert...

"What do you do in your free time?"

I build model kits, play Magic: The Gathering, and play video games.

"If you had 1 million dollars but had to spend it in one day, what would you buy?"

I would buy a house and invest the rest.

"Where would be your favorite place to live?"

Calgary, AB