Shelley Allarie

Practice Consultant

Shelley worked in the PC industry for 9 years before coming to work for Visual-Eyes. Her background is mainly on the hardware side, dealing with networks in small to medium sized offices. She also built and repaired custom computers for a variety of clients. Shelley has been very happy with her move to Visual-Eyes as she enjoys one-on-one contact with customers and visiting clinics in person.

Shelley has now been with the company since 2007, starting off in customer service and training. Later she added sales to her skill set and became a team lead. She loves that she gets to learn new things every day, building on her MCSE from RDC where she was initially trained on Windows NT4!

We Asked Shelley...

"What do you do in your free time?"

I enjoy being outside doing things like hunting, fishing, gardening, and riding/driving horses. I also run a farm with my family.

"What inspires you?"

My friends. I have awesome friends that challenge me to be better every day.

"If you had 1 million dollars but had to spend it in one day, what would you buy?"

Buy land and go broke farming!