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Practice Management Software
for Optometrists and Opticians

Practice Management Software
for Optometrists and Opticians

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Why Choose Visual-Eyes Software for Your Optometry and Optical Practice Management

Visual-Eyes Software helps make it easier to provide exceptional patient experiences. With features designed for the unique needs of optometry and optical practices, Visual-Eyes can help you and your staff spend less time on the administrative needs of your business, and more time meeting the needs of your patients.

Visual-Eyes can be customized for your specific practice. We also offer a variety of training options to help you make full use of your new practice management software.

Flexible Practice Management Options

Each optometry practice functions differently and has individual needs. At Visual-Eyes, we believe in equipping your office with a flexible software solution designed to meet those needs. Our modular system allows you to select only the features that best suit your practice.

As your practice grows and evolves, new modules can easily be added to facilitate a more efficient workflow and a better patient experience. With the help of your dedicated practice consultant, users will feel supported as they familiarize themselves with each module. Simply put, Visual-Eyes offers easy and efficient practice management systems customized to meet the exact needs of your practice.

Explore Your Customization Options

What Are the Benefits of Visual-Eyes Software?

We understand the challenges optometry and optical practices face, and Visual-Eyes Software offers tailored solutions that enhance productivity and boost revenue while ensuring positive patient experiences.

Streamline Practice Productivity

Visual-Eyes Software can help increase efficiency throughout your daily practice management processes. With features like automated patient communication and digital file management within your practice, Visual-Eyes can save staff from time-consuming tasks and ensure information is readily accessible when you need it.

Serve Patients Better

Each feature of Visual-Eyes Software is created with patient needs in mind. Our Dispensing Module, designed for ease of use, not only simplifies the optician’s workflow, it also enhances the overall patient experience. By integrating directly with your practice's equipment and external labs, we ensure a smooth, error-free process that accelerates completion times and minimizes patient wait. This attention to detail means your patients enjoy a seamless journey from ordering to pickup, enhancing their satisfaction and trust in your services.

Similarly, our Frame Inventory management system leverages automation and data analytics to transform how you manage your inventory. By strategically analyzing trends, our system helps you curate a frame selection that works for your patient demographics.

Increase Revenue

Visual-Eyes Software offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to keep your schedule full and enhance revenue generation, including:

  • Automated recall messages to encourage returning patients
  • Automated appointment reminders to minimize last-minute cancellations and no-shows
  • Scheduling and booking software to help you maintain a balance of new and existing patients, while allowing them to book an appointment at anytime through your website
  • Surveys and forms for increased patient engagement and communication

Effective Patient Management

From Start To Finish

Visual-Eyes Software is designed to help you track patients as they move through your practice during their visit and assist you in guiding them seamlessly through each stage of their appointment.

Features like Visual Forms and Visual Connect make check-ins and reception desk experiences convenient for your staff and patients with custom forms and automated patient communication.

The Exam Module is designed to streamline the examination process, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of patient assessments. Highly customizable, it can be altered to suit your specific needs both generally and dynamically, enabling practitioners to deliver high-quality care through a more organized and efficient workflow. The ToDo and Routing Module centralizes office communication regarding patients, while routing tracks patients throughout each stage of their visit and allows for uninterrupted, personalized care. With File Linking, you can access documents provided by external sources, such as specialist reports, to review during the examination.

The Dispensing Module simplifies the management of your eyewear gallery and patient orders with specialized features for lab integration and order tracking, prescription importing, and inventory control.

Visual-Eyes Services

Customize Our Program to Fit Your Practice

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Our highly-skilled consultants work with you to ­implement Visual-­Eyes, meeting your clinic’s unique needs.

By doing so, we help you improve workflow and make clinic processes more efficient.

Trusted by 400+ clinics across Canada

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One stop shopping – Visual-Eyes does everything to organize our client information and process our jobs for the lab. Customer Service is amazing! Your technical staff always find a solution or fix our issues quickly.

Melanie Elmslie, Office Manager
Just 4 Eyes Inc.

The biggest advantages of Visual-Eyes are the continued reliability, the user-friendly interface, and efficiency within the exam module. We benefit from consistency among our ODs on exam charting, practice statistics, administration, and invoicing; all within one system. Visual-Eyes has integrated all aspects of patient care and practice management for our office.

Dr. Lisa Scharf
Armstrong Optometry

I’ve tried a couple other EMR systems at other clinics and VE is the easiest and most straight forward to use.

Sarah Freiburger
Eye Q Optometry

Visual-Eyes provides a professional EMR that is well rounded to serve all aspects of our office. An easy to use program for all individuals. The largest impact was improving our efficiency in record keeping and px flow in office.

Dr. Rebecca Chippior
St. Lawrence Optometry

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