Keep All Relevant Documents Organized & Easily Accessible

With the Visual-Eyes file linking module, your patients’ complete files are available for immediate viewing. Be it Fundus photos, fields results, OCT reports, or specialist reports; any documents and files generated by or sent to your practice can be stored digitally in a single location. You can then review your patients’ files anytime from any Visual-Eyes computer.

File Linking Module Features

The file linking module makes it effortless to store all of your patient files and documents in an easily-accessible location. With secure digital storage, you no longer have to rely on messy and cumbersome paper files. This frees up significant physical space within your practice, not to mention, prevents the dreaded lost file.

Our file linking module gives you a comprehensive view of all of the extra documents stored in a patient’s file. Rather than sifting through physical documents page by page, you can simply select the type of document you are looking for to quickly review particular files.

Even paper documents that come from external sources (such as specialist reports and outside prescriptions) can be linked to your patients’ digital files. Simply scan the necessary paper documents, then use any computer at your practice to add them to the digital file. There is no need to keep a separate set of physical files anymore.

This tracking feature offers visibility into the status of any particular file. You will have clear insight into whether a file requires review, needs to be faxed or emailed, or has already been looked after. This, coupled with our ToDo module, makes proper file completion a breeze.