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Maximize Referral Success with Visual-Eyes

Family Screen

Our Patient Referral Guide highlights how Visual-Eyes can revolutionize patient engagement and track the success of your initiatives. Key Features of Visual-Eyes for Referral Programs: Leverage Visual-Eyes for Innovative Incentives: Dynamic Promotion of your Program with Visual-Eyes: Visual-Eyes is more than a software; we are your partner in nurturing a thriving referral ecosystem within your optometry clinic. Embrace […]

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The New “My Billings” Screen

The new “My Billings” screen is a powerful tool designed to provide you with greater control over your provincial billings, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Key Features of the “My Billings” Screen: This innovative addition to Visual-Eyes Software offers another layer of financial control, allowing you to manage your practice’s billing operations with confidence. We have […]

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Digital Security Essentials

ToDo and Routing Module

In this digital age, prioritizing computer security is crucial for all businesses, including optometry clinics. Visual-Eyes Software acknowledges the significance of safeguarding sensitive information. To help you ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data we provide practical insights through a series of blog articles on our website under the “Security” category. These articles cover essential topics, […]

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Minimize Vacant Optometry Chair Time with Online Booking

a woman and an optometrist stand in an examination room

How often are you looking at an empty exam chair? How many more minutes do you spend doing administration work than with your patients? Those are issues you can solve with online booking through Visual-Eyes Software.  Increasing the time you spend with patients and the number of patients you see is important, but you also […]

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Strategies for Delivering Exceptional Optometry Patient Experiences

an optometrist examining the eye of a woman sitting in an exam chair

Successful optometry practices are built on a foundation of providing exceptional patient experiences and comprehensive, personalized care—for everything from scheduling appointments to communicating with patients. While these ideals are admirable, achieving them requires strategic approaches and tools to identify and meet your patients’ needs effectively. Visual-Eyes Software can provide the support you need for prioritizing […]

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Increasing Your Visual Forms’ Effectiveness

Visual Forms

Visual Forms is a module designed for patient check-ins. It streamlines the collection of key patient details ahead of their scheduled appointment, such as demographics, insurance information, contact consent, and MSP Opt Out forms. This module conveniently saves the gathered information directly into the patient’s Visual-Eyes file and automatically creates linked PDF documents where indicated. […]

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Stop Struggling with Managing Your Frame Inventory

an optician organizes frames on a wall in an optical. She is standing at the back of the image, out of focus

How much time do you and your team spend managing your frame inventory?  Tracking and optimizing frame inventories often places substantial demands on opticians, optometrists, and their respective teams. The time spent on inventory management distracts your team from focusing on patient experience.  Optometry practice management software like Visual-Eyes can streamline inventory management and free […]

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5 Ways to Ask Your Patients for Reviews and Increase Your Google Maps Ranking Fast

review us on google sign

Online reviews can shape patients’ first impressions of your practice and affect your visibility on Google. Garnering honest feedback from patients is not merely a matter of maintaining online visibility though—reviews also play a crucial role in understanding and effectively addressing patient needs. Finding the right balance between providing excellent patient care and maintaining your […]

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Visual-Eyes Referral Program

Did you know that Visual-Eyes has a customer referral program? When speaking of the benefits of Visual-Eyes to your friends and peers looking for a new EMR software, make sure they mention you once they decide to use us! If you refer a clinic to our software and they proceed with implementing it, both parties […]

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