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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Optometry Practice with Automated Processes: Improve Efficiency, Save Time, and Boost Patient Satisfaction!

an optician helps a patient choose glasses

Balancing administrative tasks with patient care often presents a challenge for optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists. Fortunately, specialized optometry practice software is enabling clinicians to automate everyday tasks and dedicate more time to what truly matters: their patients. Automation features like Visual Connect and Visual Book can revolutionize your practice, boosting efficiency and enhancing patient experiences […]

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Taking Your Optometry Clinic Paperless: How to Implement and Benefit from Electronic Records

an optometrist demonstrates her electronic record to her male patient on a tablet

The optometry industry is embracing the power of technology to help enhance the level of care provided to patients. Your dedication to delivering personalized and attentive care is paramount, and modern optometry software solutions often form the foundation of streamlined, positive patient experiences. Visual-Eyes is a comprehensive software solution meticulously designed for optometrists, ophthalmologists, and […]

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TELUS Health eClaims Integration

Is your clinic using the TELUS eClaims integration offered by Visual-Eyes? We have integrated with TELUS Health to make submitting insurance claims easier! Benefits include: Please contact Product Support ([email protected] or 403-314-1322 x 1) to ensure that you are running an up-to-date version and to activate this feature. The Invoice and File Linking Modules are required, and Visual Forms […]

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Gather Feedback with Visual Connect Surveys

Visual Connect

Visual Connect surveys allow you to ask a simple question to patients in order to assess their experience and overall satisfaction. These 1 question surveys are quick and easy for patients to complete, and give you an emotional snapshot of the patient as they respond with a happy, neutral, or unhappy emoji. Surveys can be scheduled to […]

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Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Errors in Your Optical with Integrated Lens Ordering

an optician hands a tablet to a client placing a lens order

Efficiency is essential for a successful optical. When daily operations run smoothly, opticians and stylists can spend more time focusing on meeting their patients’ needs and providing exceptional care. Comprehensive software for opticals can help increase efficiency across multiple areas, including ordering new lenses for patients. Some of the benefits of an integrated software module […]

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Tips to Prevent Losing Crucial Data

Losing patient data can be a nightmare. With some simple preventive measures, you can safeguard your valuable information and ensure the continuity of your practice. Here are some essential tips to help you prevent data loss: 1. Regular and Complete BackupsThe key to preventing data loss is to run regular and complete backups of all […]

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Best Practices for Pre-booking Appointments

There are several practice pearls to increase the success of pre-booked appointments. 1. Treat Pre-booked Appointments Seriously Consider pre-booked appointments as actual commitments. Utilize Visual Connect to send the booking details via email or text to the patient, along with a link to add the appointment to their calendar. 2. Block Out Your Schedule in Advance By […]

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Improve Patient Retention and Increase Revenue by Automating Your Recalls

a computer with a visual-eyes book appointment screen

Automated recall software can help maximize patient communication and remove the need for recall cards.  Optometrists often rely on recall cards to remind patients about their upcoming appointments. These cards can be useful, but are not always the most cost effective option. Thanks to advancements in software and technology, optometrists now have access to various […]

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