Manage Patient Flow & Clinic Tasks With Efficiency

The ToDo and Routing module helps your team ensure that tasks are seen through to the end and important details are attended to.

ToDos allow you to create and consolidate notes, reminders, and outstanding jobs electronically, eliminating the need for inefficient and untidy sticky notes. Meanwhile, the routing system highlights the efficiencies in your patient flow and identifies opportunities for improvement.

ToDo and Routing Module Features

Ensure all necessary tests are performed, questions are asked, and appropriate care is continued even after your patients have left the office. By linking tasks to a patient’s file, you can ensure important details and follow ups are attended to, without having to memorize the intricacies of each patient’s case. You can even record notes, updates, or changes within that ToDo to reference at future appointments.

ToDos function as a messaging service for your practice. You can make office-wide announcements, speak with a select group, or confer privately with a colleague. These internal communications can be used to ask for immediate help like an instant message or can wait until your staff members have the time to address them, like an email.

Routing tracks your patients as they move from one stage to the next during their visit, ensuring no one is missed or left waiting. This module records the time it takes to finish with a patient at each area of your practice. With this information, you can monitor average wait times and learn where any potential bottlenecks may occur. Utilize this data to increase efficiency throughout the office, resulting in a more positive patient experience.