Keep All Contact Lens Information at Your Fingertips

Generate reports, track orders, and more with the Visual-Eyes contact lens module. This module gives you relevant information on your patients and your brands in one convenient location; empowering you to make better contact lens recommendations to your patients.

Contact Lens Module Features

The contact lens module monitors every transaction, generating reports detailing which contacts you need to order, which have been sold, and which are awaiting patient delivery. The contact lens order status and reporting features allow you to keep track of every order to ensure you are managing your contact lenses effectively.

Make certain that patients receive their contact lenses without delay by assigning expected arrival dates to each order. You can also double check that orders not picked up are returned for credit instead of becoming lost in your pending orders.

Our contact lens catalogue includes extensive information on contact lens parameters, including accurate lens power, key characteristics and pricing details. Leveraging the catalogue feature and full patient histories, your doctors and staff will have a solid foundation of data when discussing purchasing options with patients.

All prescriptions can be entered manually, or imported directly from the exam form. This innovation saves time and reduces the possibility of entry errors. With access to past prescriptions and relevant medical history, your contact lens fitters will be better prepared to assist your patients.