Empower Eye Care Patients With Online Booking

Visual Book, our integrated online scheduler, offers your patients more freedom when scheduling their appointment. Rather than relying on phone calls, Visual Book provides patients with the additional choice of scheduling their own appointments online, allowing administrative staff more time to complete other tasks.

Visual Book is directly integrated with our scheduler module, allowing appointments to appear in your schedule in real time. Your calendar is always up-to-date, preventing the possibility of accidental double bookings.

Visual Book Features

With Visual Book, patients can see your availability and choose the date and time that works best with their schedule. The patient only has access to your open time slots, preventing the potential for double booking. You can also alter your schedule to control which types of appointments are available for online booking.

Visual Book can be incorporated into a variety of platforms, giving patients more opportunities to schedule an appointment with you. By linking Visual Book to your website, Facebook, emails, and clinic listing sites, you can save patients from searching for your phone number and consolidate the booking process into a single step.

Visual Book is available 24 hours a day, allowing patients to book an appointment at any time from the comfort of their homes, even after your clinic has closed for the day. This kind of instantaneous service offers patients a better experience and helps keep your appointment book full.