Professional Eye Care Staff Training


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Transitioning to a new practice management software system can feel stressful to clinic staff. We encourage you to take advantage of our professional training services to reduce concerns and ensure successful implementation.

Our experts work with your team to ensure they are comfortable with the features and functionality of your new system. The training we provide covers the Visual-Eyes program and helps your team improve efficiency office-wide.

Online Training

Online Training

We have created a comprehensive Online Training Course for those who would prefer remote, self-guided learning. Using our proven training and retention strategies combined with online training tools, you can learn Visual-Eyes at your office, or from the comfort of your home without having to coordinate schedules. Our online course has benefits for everyone, whether your office is new to Visual-Eyes, you have new staff hires, or your team is looking for a refresher; let us help simplify your life.

Investing in Your Staff Through Training

Our training services are designed to help you and your staff use your Visual-Eyes system to its full potential. Our goal is to eliminate the anxiety of integration and unlock a greater level of productivity.

Comprehensive Training

Your professional Visual-Eyes training includes:

  • Customized help based on your unique needs
  • On-site & remote training
  • Computer & hardware advice
  • Professional backup & network security recommendations
  • Flow & efficiency auditing
  • Practice layout & renovation consultations

How it Works

Once you have chosen Visual-Eyes as your practice management software, we assign a dedicated trainer to work with you. Your trainer will contact you to talk about your needs and will work alongside your office manager or owner to determine training and installation schedules.

Expert Recommendations

Your experienced trainer will ensure your practice is equipped for the transition. This may include recommending hardware or network upgrades, overseeing the conversion of your existing data, and working with you to implement proper clinic branding.

Transitional Support

Your trainer works to build a lasting relationship with you, and welcome you to the Visual-Eyes family. They will continuously guide you through the transition to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. Upon completion, your trainer will provide follow ups to confirm your comfort and satisfaction, and to introduce you to the rest of the Visual-Eyes team.