Manage Your Eye Gallery With Ease

The dispensing module was designed with the express purpose of keeping your work orders and inventory organized and accessible. You will find a wide range of tools and reports all in one place, making it easy to give your patients the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. With exceptional frame inventory control, you can complete and track special orders and warranties with ease.

Dispensing Module Features

Thanks to its comprehensive start-to-finish tracking capabilities, the dispensing module can help make certain that each order is correct, reducing the potential for details to fall through the cracks. Track all of your lab orders and follow-up on back orders, lab errors, and warranties. Visual-Eyes empowers you to ensure orders are delivered within the promised timeframe.

The dispensing module gives optical staff access to all of your patients’ relevant information on a single screen, including historical orders and prescription changes. With all of this data at their fingertips, your team is better equipped to advise your patients. In addition to manual entry, prescriptions can also be imported directly from the exam form; reducing time and potential input errors.

End-to-end integration with most major laboratories provides your practice with transparency into your lab’s timelines, statuses, and more. Download your lab’s full catalogue to automatically receive cost pricing and lens parameters into Visual-Eyes, ensuring everything is available right when you need it. By submitting orders electronically, you can have them started earlier while reducing the potential for transcription errors. This module also allows the laboratory to validate orders and provide live order status updates, empowering you with more accurate turnaround and pickup estimates for your patients.

Frame inventory keeps meticulous records of every frame sold off your board or ordered into your clinic. It allows you to effectively manage warranties, special orders, credits, and returns to suppliers. Take control of your inventory in a fraction of the time using a barcode scanner to directly download inventory into Visual-Eyes. No pen and paper required. Our extensive report generator is perfect for managing your inventory or preparing for visits from brand representatives. Visual-Eyes software optimizes your inventory, empowering you with the necessary details to maximize your inventory’s potential.