Organize & Maintain Your Patient Base

Our base module is specifically designed to securely store, manage, and access your patients’ information with minimal steps. With highly detailed records and easy-to-update files, all of the data you need is readily available exactly when you need it.

Base Module Features

Grouping patients by family allows easy access to a child’s record upon parental request. You can also see whether family members are due for services, and additional key information. This system makes updates like address changes, marriages, and more a simple, one-time entry.

Summary tabs appear on the bottom of the screen to give you a quick, yet complete overview of your patient. You can view information such as appointments, notes, invoices, job orders, linked documents, and much more. The information can be simplified or expanded with a few clicks depending on your needs.

We have designed our billing application to handle each province’s unique requirements, eliminating the need for third party billing management. Create your submission files in Visual-Eyes and benefit from immediate checks for missing fields or required information.

Before uploading the submission file, generate a report to review billings and check for any potential errors. Later, you can upload remittance files to auto-apply payments; any billings that require correction will include the necessary action codes. Additional billing reports can help track outstanding claims, paid claims, and in-progress claims.

Visual-Eyes tracks everything. The base module logs extensive patient information, ranging from referral sources, to contact information for their family doctor. The system has a variety of comprehensive reports detailing the information you need to care for your patients more effectively and to gain a deeper insight into your patient base.

Not all practices are paperless. Visual-Eyes’ base module gives you the ability to print customized labels, envelopes, reports, and more, directly from the program. This feature can be an exceptional tool to improve your practice’s productivity.