State-of-the-Art Scheduling for Optometrists and Opticians

The Visual-Eyes scheduling system is flexible and intuitive to help your team book appointments quickly and easily. Due to its fully customizable nature, the scheduler can be set up to accommodate your clinic’s specific needs. With the ability to create custom appointment types and statuses, your schedule will be completely unique to your practice.

Scheduler Module Features

The Visual-Eyes scheduler allows you to create appointments in a single step by providing all the information you need; including the patient’s age, which doctor they have seen previously, upcoming recalls, and the date they last visited. You can find and book for current patients and create new patient charts; all within a single scheduling window.

The scheduler is fully integrated with recall tracking, allowing you to keep a record of your recalls. Recalls are tied to appointments, which simplifies the process and helps improve efficiency. As a result, you will have all the data you need to report on recall effectiveness and patient retention.

Visual-Eyes’ scheduler module comes complete with a waiting list to help keep your schedule full. If you have a cancellation, no problem. Bring up your waiting list and quickly find a patient to fill the slot. Prioritize patients on the waiting list as needed so those requiring earlier care can be scheduled in.

Scheduling reports offer insight into a wide variety of operational metrics, including doctor productivity, booking rates, and cancellation or no-show rates. You will have the visibility into which types of appointments you book most frequently, and what percentage of appointments are new or existing patients. In addition to offering more control over your appointment book, this data gives you valuable understanding of your practice growth and changes in your patient demographic.

Ontario-based practices have the ability to confirm the validity of health cards right within Visual-Eyes so they can inform patients when they are due back for another examination. Health card checks can be run for a patient based on a single appointment, a specific day, or a custom range of dates. This feature saves your clinic time from having to manually verify the cards over the phone or through a third party website.