Increase & Optimize Patient Communication

Visual Connect makes it easy to connect with patients on their terms. This automated and fully integrated two way text message and email system keeps patients informed about upcoming appointments, recalls, and order notifications.

Visual Connect Features

Automatic text or email reminders help reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations without costing hours of administrative time in phone calls. These reminders are highly efficient and convenient for patients and staff alike. Once a patient confirms through the message, their appointment automatically updates as confirmed in the Visual-Eyes scheduler.

Your patients can indicate how they would like to receive communication and reminders. By allowing patients to choose their preferred communication method, you have a better chance of making contact and maintaining a positive relationship with them.

Automated follow-up texts, emails, and surveys allow you to evaluate your practice’s performance. By sending satisfaction surveys, you can determine if you are meeting your patients needs as well as define where to focus your customer experience improvement efforts.

Visual Connect allows you to send automated messages when your patients are due for an appointment. Rather than manually calling or mailing cards to each patient when the time comes, simply have your patients receive an automated recall message. When this feature is combined with Visual Book, it allows your patients to book their appointments directly from their text or email message, freeing your administrative staff to focus on other tasks.