Customize Forms & Simplify Eye Examination Data Entry

The examination module is the most flexible part of our highly customizable software system. Each component of the exam form can be moved or altered to suit the specific needs of your practice. Automated elements such as importing test results as well as prescriptions to generate orders, eliminate unnecessary transcription errors.

Examination Module Features

Visual-Eyes works closely with most popular pretest vendors, allowing users to import results from testing equipment directly into your electronic exam. By reducing tedious transcription, this feature improves exam efficiency while limiting the potential for inputting errors.

The examination module can be configured to automatically create referral letters, spectacle job orders, and contact lens job orders. Using the post-exam results, our system can auto-populate a variety of inputs to generate documents. Create multiple letter templates to address different audiences and reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks for each examination.

Our system allows you to optimize your examination for what works best in your practice. Exams are made from a mix of custom and pre-defined panels, which can be moved around, added on the fly, or further customized. Visual-Eyes offers multiple exam layouts to complement the various services you offer your patients, allowing you to practice your way.

Historical data is key when watching for emerging trends in your patient’s health. The Visual-Eyes exam module offers multiple ways to access historical exam data, making it easy to see important trends as they develop.

This module is optimized to facilitate quick data entry. Shortcuts enable you to move and replicate data across panels with ease, allowing you to focus on your patients. The dynamic layouts also give you the ability to add or adjust findings before the exam is even finished. Our examination module reduces the time it takes to perform an examination while improving your patients’ overall experience.