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Collection Call Strategies

The goal of collection calls is not only to collect payment, but also to rectify any discrepancies and to maintain or repair the relationship with your patient. Keep in mind, patients might be upset, embarrassed, or frustrated regardless of how professionally you handle a collection call. Here are a few tips to manage collections:

  1. Assign a specific team member to oversee the collection process and ensure effective communication between the patient and the practice.
  2. Timely Follow-Up.
  3. Email Invoices: Send unpaid invoices to patients for quick and easy reference with “pay now” options.
  4. Minimize Voicemails.
  5. Active Listening: Show empathy and actively listen to the patient’s concerns or challenges. Allow them to acknowledge the debt and express their perspective.
  6. Provide Convenient Payment Options: Make it as easy as possible for patients to make payments by offering various payment methods. Accept credit card payments over the phone, provide options for e-transfers, and consider integrating Visual Eyes with payment processors that enable online payment options.
  7. Establish a Payment Plan: Ensure both parties agree to the plan and document the agreed upon terms.

Remember, the goal of a collection call is to collect payment and maintain a positive relationship with the patient.

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