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Target Your Mailouts with Patient Demographics

How often do you go further than your patients’ eyes to understand their needs? By taking a closer look at patient demographics, you can better understand your patients and the needs of specific patient groups—and adjust your services, marketing, and communication strategies to meet those needs. 

Personalized mailouts and other forms of targeted messaging based on demographics can make it possible to improve connections with your patients—and help you improve the experiences you provide for new and existing patients. Identifying patient demographics can also provide opportunities to tailor your messaging with greater personalization. 

With Visual-Eyes Software, you can gather demographic information through Visual Forms and custom surveys and use Visual Connect to send personalized messaging based on your patient demographics. You can also classify patients in their exams to target communication and provide specific information based on their particular health concerns.

How Do You Target Demographics with Mailouts?

There are multiple options for creating targeted mailouts for specific demographic groups. The key to making them effective is to gather specific demographic information and personalize your messaging to the unique needs of your patients. 

Some of the options for sending personalized mailouts include:

  • Newsletters and educational pamphlets about demographic-specific issues, such as certain eye conditions
  • Marketing for services that can treat common demographic-specific issues, such as digital eye strain treatments for office workers
  • Promotional marketing for patients with an interest in specific eyewear brands or based on interests
  • Seasonal marketing for common issues among your patients, such as eye allergies during spring

What Are the Benefits of Demographic Messaging?

Demographic messaging can help your patients by providing information that is directly relevant to their needs and lifestyle. In many cases, those benefits for your patients can also lead to additional benefits for you, such as increasing your reputation in your community and increasing the positive experiences patients have with you and your team. 

Help Your Clinic Stand Out

Tailoring your messaging to the unique needs and desires of specific patients can help your practice stand out among certain demographic groups and help you build influence in—and gain attention from—those groups of people. 

Provide More Value for Patients

Tailoring your messaging to the demographic groups that make up your current patient base can help you communicate more effectively with your patients and help you provide educational resources and messaging that meet their specific needs. 

You can also use demographic information to provide messaging based on your patients’ specific health concerns and other issues that may affect many of your patients, such as dry eyes or digital eye strain. 

Increase Patient Engagement

Improving your methods of communication with personalized messaging can help you connect with patients on a deeper, more personal level. That connection can foster a sense of understanding and community within your patient base that helps boost patient engagement. 

How Can You Collect Patient Demographic Information?

A professional-looking man reviewing a series of charts on his computer.

With Visual-Eyes Software, you can collect basic demographic information, such as addresses and date of birth. With Visual Forms, you can create custom forms to collect more specific demographic-related questions related to information like specific interests, which can help you identify risk factors and eye care opportunities for your patients. 

The process of using Visual-Eyes to collect demographic information can be automatic or manual, depending on how you choose to manually collect the information or leverage Visual Forms. Medical codes can be used to classify your exams to help you collect and analyze information about your patient’s needs and health. 

How Can You Target Demographics with Visual-Eyes Software?

In addition to gathering demographic information with Visual-Eyes Software, you can also use Visual Connect to send personalized messaging to specific demographic groups through email marketing. 

The messages you send through Visual-Connect can be sent automatically, freeing up staff to spend more time developing new marketing strategies and creating exceptional patient experiences. Any messages sent to a patient can be easily reviewed by your staff, adding communication transparency for both your staff and patients.

Understand Your Patients and Meet Their Needs with Visual-Eyes

Using demographic information helps you create more personal, valuable messaging that can drive effective marketing strategies and improve overall patient experiences. 

Visual-Eyes Software offers multiple options for improving patient experiences, including enhanced messaging, automated processes, and linked features that provide comprehensive support for your staff throughout the day. With support from Visual-Eyes, you can worry less about day-to-day operations and focus more on creating personal connections with your patients. 

Book a demo today to learn more about partnering with Visual-Eyes Software to increase efficiency and improve patient experiences. 

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