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Target Your Mailouts with Patient Demographics

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Target Your Mailouts with Patient Demographics

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How often do you go further than your patients’ eyes to understand their needs? By taking a closer look at patient demographics, you can better understand your patients and the needs of specific patient groups—and adjust your services, marketing, and communication strategies to meet those needs.  Personalized mailouts and other forms of targeted messaging based […]

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Maximize Referral Success with Visual-Eyes

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Our Patient Referral Guide highlights how Visual-Eyes can revolutionize patient engagement and track the success of your initiatives. Key Features of Visual-Eyes for Referral Programs: Leverage Visual-Eyes for Innovative Incentives: Dynamic Promotion of your Program with Visual-Eyes: Visual-Eyes is more than a software; we are your partner in nurturing a thriving referral ecosystem within your optometry clinic. Embrace […]

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5 Ways to Ask Your Patients for Reviews and Increase Your Google Maps Ranking Fast

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Online reviews can shape patients’ first impressions of your practice and affect your visibility on Google. Garnering honest feedback from patients is not merely a matter of maintaining online visibility though—reviews also play a crucial role in understanding and effectively addressing patient needs. Finding the right balance between providing excellent patient care and maintaining your […]

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Visual-Eyes Referral Program

Did you know that Visual-Eyes has a customer referral program? When speaking of the benefits of Visual-Eyes to your friends and peers looking for a new EMR software, make sure they mention you once they decide to use us! If you refer a clinic to our software and they proceed with implementing it, both parties […]

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Troubleshooting Visual Connect Messages

Visual Care provides tools which allow you to monitor and manage outgoing and incoming messages, as well as investigate why Visual Connect messages may not be behaving properly.  There are four main reasons why your messages may not be sending correctly: Within Visual Care, you have three key areas at your disposal for troubleshooting such issues: For […]

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Enhanced Consent Features in Visual-Eyes: Ensuring Compliance with CASL

Visual Forms

Visual-Eyes has recently introduced new features to simplify the process of collecting patient consent. These enhancements are designed to help you stay compliant with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) when sending emails and text messages.  What is new: For detailed instructions on the types of consent, and how to set up and configure the Consent Module in Visual-Eyes, […]

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Gather Feedback with Visual Connect Surveys

Visual Connect

Visual Connect surveys allow you to ask a simple question to patients in order to assess their experience and overall satisfaction. These 1 question surveys are quick and easy for patients to complete, and give you an emotional snapshot of the patient as they respond with a happy, neutral, or unhappy emoji. Surveys can be scheduled to […]

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Maximize Your Online Bookings

Scheduler Module

Our integrated online scheduling system enables patients to book appointments from the comfort of their own homes, at any time of day. Here are some ways to promote online booking to your patients: 1. Add a “Book Now” link – EVERYWHERE!  Website Email Signatures Social Media Recalls Marketing Campaign Emails 2. Post QR codes that […]

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Optimize your Optometry Practice with Effective Patient Experience Surveys

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Patient surveys are a great way to measure the patient experience and make sure that your optometry practice is running smoothly. Eye care is a personal experience that encompasses not just the eye health exam. Elements that can drive patient satisfaction include: Regularly checking in with your patients can allow you to identify your practice’s […]

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Drive Patient Engagement with Tailored Mail Outs

File Linking Module

Use patient demographics to group patients into different categories and send relevant personalized mail outs. These mail outs can help your clinic stand out and offer great value to your patients. Some message types you can send include: Newsletters Targeted Marketing Education With demographics, you can target your messaging to specific audiences to achieve better engagement. For more information […]

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