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Collection Call Strategies

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Collection Call Strategies

an office administrator making collect calls

Making collection calls can be a delicate process, and to do it well, you need to carefully consider the purpose of the call. Rectifying payment discrepancies is necessary, but maintaining or repairing patient relationships in the process is key. Patients may be upset, embarrassed, or frustrated by collection calls. It is important to keep the […]

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Digital Security Essentials

ToDo and Routing Module

In this digital age, prioritizing computer security is crucial for all businesses, including optometry clinics. Visual-Eyes Software acknowledges the significance of safeguarding sensitive information. To help you ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data we provide practical insights through a series of blog articles on our website under the “Security” category. These articles cover essential topics, […]

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Strategies for Delivering Exceptional Optometry Patient Experiences

an optometrist examining the eye of a woman sitting in an exam chair

Successful optometry practices are built on a foundation of providing exceptional patient experiences and comprehensive, personalized care—for everything from scheduling appointments to communicating with patients. While these ideals are admirable, achieving them requires strategic approaches and tools to identify and meet your patients’ needs effectively. Visual-Eyes Software can provide the support you need for prioritizing […]

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Stop Struggling with Managing Your Frame Inventory

an optician organizes frames on a wall in an optical. She is standing at the back of the image, out of focus

How much time do you and your team spend managing your frame inventory?  Tracking and optimizing frame inventories often places substantial demands on opticians, optometrists, and their respective teams. The time spent on inventory management distracts your team from focusing on patient experience.  Optometry practice management software like Visual-Eyes can streamline inventory management and free […]

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5 Ways to Ask Your Patients for Reviews and Increase Your Google Maps Ranking Fast

review us on google sign

Online reviews can shape patients’ first impressions of your practice and affect your visibility on Google. Garnering honest feedback from patients is not merely a matter of maintaining online visibility though—reviews also play a crucial role in understanding and effectively addressing patient needs. Finding the right balance between providing excellent patient care and maintaining your […]

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Optometry Practice with Automated Processes: Improve Efficiency, Save Time, and Boost Patient Satisfaction!

an optician helps a patient choose glasses

Balancing administrative tasks with patient care often presents a challenge for optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists. Fortunately, specialized optometry practice software is enabling clinicians to automate everyday tasks and dedicate more time to what truly matters: their patients. Automation features like Visual Connect and Visual Book can revolutionize your practice, boosting efficiency and enhancing patient experiences […]

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Taking Your Optometry Clinic Paperless: How to Implement and Benefit from Electronic Records

an optometrist demonstrates her electronic record to her male patient on a tablet

The optometry industry is embracing the power of technology to help enhance the level of care provided to patients. Your dedication to delivering personalized and attentive care is paramount, and modern optometry software solutions often form the foundation of streamlined, positive patient experiences. Visual-Eyes is a comprehensive software solution meticulously designed for optometrists, ophthalmologists, and […]

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Tips to Prevent Losing Crucial Data

Losing patient data can be a nightmare. With some simple preventive measures, you can safeguard your valuable information and ensure the continuity of your practice. Here are some essential tips to help you prevent data loss: 1. Regular and Complete BackupsThe key to preventing data loss is to run regular and complete backups of all […]

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Maximizing your Inventory Scanner Uses

Barcode scanners can be used throughout Visual-Eyes for more than just counting inventory. They are an effective way to enter data. For standard Bluetooth or USB barcode scanners, when your cursor is positioned within a particular field, scanning with the scanner will input the information AND hit enter at the same time. Some of the areas that you […]

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