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Streamline Your Processes While Managing Multiple Optometry Locations

Managing an optometry practice can be a lot of work. You have to juggle the needs of your patients and employees, as well as keep an eye on the bottom line to make sure you are hitting all your goals. That workload only gets bigger when you have multiple practices to take care of. 

The right eye care management software can help you streamline your operations across multiple locations to improve efficiency, which means less time spent managing each location and more time focused on what matters most—your patients. At Visual-Eyes Software, we offer a variety of modules for software that can be personalized to your practice’s unique needs.

Solutions like Visual-Eyes Software can help you manage multiple locations, reduce the demands of daily operations, and spend more of your time helping your patients.

What Are the Challenges of Managing Multiple Optometry Locations?

Providing Consistent Experiences

Even with a cohesive mission and consistent training, it can be challenging to provide the exact same experience across every location of a multi-location optometry practice. 

Small differences in operations, like appointment scheduling, record keeping, and internal communication, can have ripple effects that change a patient’s entire experience. 

Keeping Communication Strong

Without a foundation for effectively sharing information across multiple locations, it can be difficult to keep communication between locations strong and clear. When it comes to meeting the needs of patients that visit multiple locations, those communication challenges between locations can have an effect on a patient’s experience too. 

Accessing Data Across Locations

Being able to quickly access relevant and critical information before, during, and after a patient’s visit is vital for providing care that meets their needs—but when data is stored locally rather than on a shared network, it can be hard for both optometrists and their staff to access the data they need to meet patients’ needs. 

Keeping Patient Records Accurate

Data stored across multiple locations can be a particularly challenging problem for patient records. When the results of eye exams, contact lens fittings, and other assessments cannot easily be accessed from any location, it can be difficult for doctors to provide consistent and personalized care for their patients. 

Patient records stored across multiple locations can also create redundancies within patient data that make file management more challenging. 

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The Right Software Is Key to Managing Multiple Locations

Establishing strong, efficient connections across a multi-location optometry practice can be crucial for overcoming the challenges associated with managing each location—and software created specifically with the needs of optometrists and their staff in mind can be the basis for connection.

With a shared system across every location, staff can access the information they need from any location, making it possible to provide the same level of care at each location with seamless experiences for both staff and patients.

Our Software Solutions 

Visual-Eyes Software is designed to support multiple locations with features that have been created based on the needs of optometrists, opticians, and their staff.

Some of the thoughtfully designed features available through Visual-Eyes Software include:

  • A File Linking Module that can provide access to specialized testing results from any location.
  • The Visual-Eyes Scheduler Module, which allows you to access your schedules seamlessly across multiple locations.
  • The Visual-Eyes Invoicing Module, which helps maintain patient records accurately across locations, so you can collect critical information wherever a patient goes while still maintaining location-specific accounting records.
  • The ToDo and Routing Module, which can act as an internal messaging system to facilitate internal communication. The ToDo module can be accessed across locations, opening up lines of communication and providing a centralized to-do list regardless of where a user is working that day.
  • Visual Book, which allows patients to choose from a variety of appointment slots that work for their schedule and change locations based on their needs.

Helping You Implement the Right Strategies 

Getting started with new software can be intimidating, which is why we offer continuous support and customized features to help you use Visual-Eyes Software in a way that supports your daily operations and the unique needs of your locations. 

In addition to our 24/7 technical support, we also facilitate data conversion and provide training to help you get started with your new software and understand how it can support your specific needs. 

Data Conversion

The support we offer throughout your experience with Visual-Eyes Software begins with data conversion. 

As you get started, our goal is to ensure your patient records and other critical data remain with you and can be shared across locations so you can continue to provide seamless, exceptional experiences for your patients. 

Our data conversion process works to merge data centrally regardless of the number of locations, and data merging can also be provided for your needs when you acquire existing clinics and bring them into your family of optical and optometry businesses.  

Professional Training

Alongside our data conversion process, we also offer a range of training options to help you and your staff become familiar with Visual-Eyes Software and learn how to use the features to the full extent of their capabilities. 

With self-guided courses, personalized remote training, and in-person training for your staff across each location, we can help you get acquainted with Visual-Eyes Software and invest in the success of your staff on your timeline—in a way that suits your needs. 

Become More Efficient as You Grow

As your business grows and you add more locations, keeping the patient experiences across each location consistent can be challenging. No matter how many locations you have, Visual-Eyes Software can help you manage each one efficiently so that everyone gets where they need to be when they need to be there.

With a suite of features tailored to the needs of your staff and patients, Visual-Eyes Software offers a variety of solutions to help optical and optometry businesses with any number of locations. Book a demo today to see how our software can benefit your practice across each location.

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