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3 Ways to Increase Optometry Practice Efficiency Before Patients Get to the Office

When you are running a busy optometry practice, it can be challenging to stay on top of all the paperwork that comes with managing patients. There are a lot of different forms a typical optometry office uses in the course of managing their patients, including patient intake forms, insurance forms, record releases, record requests, dry-eye assessments, and other assessment forms.

Spending time managing patient information can take away from your patients’ experience, but there are solutions you can use to spend less time on administrative work and more time with your patients, including:

  • Automated communication software
  • Online forms
  • Comprehensive practice management software suites

Streamlining the process of patient management can benefit both you and your patients. With a system like Visual-Eyes, you can spend less time managing your practice and more time with your patients. 

Discover the benefits of a reliable, user-friendly, and efficient system for managing your optometry practice and learn how increasing efficiency can help both you and your patients.

The Importance of Efficiency 

You have patients coming in and out all day, and every minute counts. You need to be able to get your patients checked in and taken care of quickly. However, you also need to get accurate information from your patients to provide care that meets their needs.

The benefits of increased efficiency for your practice can include:

  • Increasing the number of patients you are able to see in one day
  • Decreasing costs
  • Increasing patient satisfaction 
  • Freeing up staff time 
  • Optimizing operations
  • Limiting waste of resources 

The benefits of efficiency can create an opportunity for your practice to meet your organizational goals, whether those goals involve expanding to new locations, investing in new services, technology, and training, or creating more capital. 

3 Ways to Increase Efficiency Before Patients See You

A management solution like Visual-Eyes can streamline the way you collect information from patients before you see them to help you provide care that addresses their unique needs.

A comprehensive management solution can help you implement several strategies to increase efficiency for both your team and your patients, so you can spend less time worried about administrative concerns and more time focusing on creating lasting impressions with outstanding patient experiences.

Consider how the solutions below can help you, your staff, and your patients enjoy the benefits of greater efficiency.

Communicate with Patients Using Visual Connect

Clear, consistent communication is a foundation of great relationships between optometrists and their patients. Visual Connect is a feature of Visual-Eyes that can help facilitate communication between you and your patients to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Visual Connect is a 2-way text message and email system that can help you:

  • Send appointment reminders and it updates your schedule automatically 
  • Send automated surveys to help you receive feedback from patients 
  • Send automated patient recall messages

All while you connect with patients through their preferred communication channel.

With automated, clear, consistent communication through Visual Connect, you and your staff can spend less time worrying about follow-ups and patient reminders and more time creating great experiences for patients during their appointment. 

Save Time with Visual Forms 

Many optometry clinics, especially those with dry eye and vision therapy practices, use online forms to check their patients in before an appointment. This means when they arrive for their appointment, their information is already updated and complete, which can drastically speed up the check-in process. 

Visual Forms is a feature of Visual-Eyes that can help you save time on patient check-ins by sending your patients intake forms and other critical forms before their visit. The best part is that this system takes just seconds to set up, and with Visual Connect, the forms can be included in your automated messages.

What Are the Features of Visual Forms?

Visual Forms can facilitate seamless check-ins by giving patients the opportunity to check themselves in and review and update their personal information. Seamless check-ins can help increase the efficiency of your front desk and reduce the need for follow-ups required to gather patient information. What is even better, is the patient only needs to update what has changed, making the patient experience a possitive one.

With Visual Forms, you can also create your own unique questionnaire and send it to patients through multiple forms of communication. Visual Forms can even help you gather insurance information and have the patient sign the Telus eClaims form which is automatically linked to your patient record in Visual-Eyes. Giving you and your staff easily access to the information you need to meet your patients’ needs.

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Utilize Comprehensive Practice Management Software

Streamlining operations can help you and your patients in areas beyond communication and record-keeping at multiple levels of your practice. Visual-Eyes has been designed to streamline data entry and provide access to information where you need it most. Aflexible practice management software, Visual-Eyes, can address the particular needs of your practice and target areas where you need specific support for efficiency.

Some of the software solutions you can integrate into your daily operations include:

With several options for tailoring your management software to your practice’s needs, you can enjoy the full support of a comprehensive management system that helps create efficiencies throughout each element of your practice and each stage of a patient’s experience.

Visual-Eyes Software Could Be the Solution You Need for Efficiency

Optometry practices should be able to focus on what they do best—taking care of their patients. We know running an optometry practice can feel like a lot of work, especially when it comes to managing your patient data and forms. 

Visual-Eyes offers a flexible suite of solutions to help increase efficiency for managing patient data and many other aspects of your practice, so you can spend more of your time with your patients. 

Book a demo to see how our software solutions can benefit your practice and your patient experiences. 

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