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Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Errors in Your Optical with Integrated Lens Ordering

Efficiency is essential for a successful optical. When daily operations run smoothly, opticians and stylists can spend more time focusing on meeting their patients’ needs and providing exceptional care.

Comprehensive software for opticals can help increase efficiency across multiple areas, including ordering new lenses for patients. Some of the benefits of an integrated software module for ordering lenses directly include:

  • Reduced errors caused by double entry
  • Streamlined processes to help orders get processed faster by your lab
  • Simplified management for catalogues with direct downloads for pricing and lens parameters from major labs. 

The dispensing module for Visual-Eyes Software is designed to help increase the time you spend with your patients by reducing errors related to lens ordering and making the lens ordering process easier for your team.

The Benefits of Using Electronic Dispensing Software

Direct lens ordering with the dispensing module from Visual-Eyes Software includes the ability to directly download lab catalogues from most major Canadian lens manufacturers and provide fully customizable pricing structures to meet your needs. 

Digital Lab Catalogues

Downloading online catalogues directly from major labs can have several significant advantages, including the following:

  • Control over pricing: Digital catalogues help provide more direct control over pricing. This can be particularly beneficial for keeping track of a wide range of lens options.
  • Ease of updates: One of the primary benefits of electronic catalogues is the ease with which updates can be made. Unlike with printed or manual catalogues, changes to product details and prices with digital catalogues can be made quickly, so your team can spend more time with patients.
  • Enhanced patient experiences: Access to digital catalogues not only supports your internal efficiency—it can also facilitate how well your team can navigate your lens options providing patients with accurate information for prices and other details at their finger tips.
  • Streamlining dispensing: Electronic catalogues can be particularly useful for streamlining dispensing by providing opticians with up-to-date information directly from labs and reducing the potential for errors made during the dispensing process. 

Essentially, downloading online catalogues directly from major labs can provide greater control, flexibility, and efficiency for managing your optical lens selection, so you can focus more on helping your patients find lenses that meet their unique needs. 

Popular Pricing Structures

The popular, customizable pricing structures available within Visual-Eyes Software include robust markups, manual pricing, and incremental pricing to help make quoting easy. 

  • Markups are a traditional pricing method that lets you apply one or a series of markups based on product selection. Markups can include multipliers, fixed values, and a host of rounding options.
  • Manual pricing involves a spreadsheet-style screen that allows you to manually enter a price for each lens. This method is the least recommended, as it risks outdated pricing and requires more time to set up and maintain.
  • Incremental pricing allows you to set a base price and add a fixed dollar amount for each upgrade of material and coatings. This is a popular solution for clinics that want to simplify pricing for quoting upgrades.

These customizable pricing options can provide a significant advantage in terms of flexibility and efficiency. With the ability to choose between robust markups, manual pricing, and incremental pricing, you can tailor your pricing strategy to fit your needs. 

Both markups and incremental pricing can offer significant efficiency improvements simply by reducing the time needed to update your pricing data manually and freeing up staff members to spend more time with patients. 

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Training and Support for Electronic Lens Ordering

Integrating a new lens ordering system can be daunting for clinic staff. We offer professional training services to ease concerns and help achieve a successful implementation. 

Our experts can work with your team on the Visual-Eyes program to help them become comfortable and confident using its features and functionality. Our comprehensive training aims to improve your team’s efficiency and streamline the lens ordering process, as well as other office-wide processes.

With a suite of customized features that includes everything from a dispensing module and contact lens module to more specialized features like Visual Book and Visual Connect, fully understanding how Visual-Eyes Software can meet your needs can also help improve the experiences of your staff and patients. 

With training options for in-person and online experiences, as well as support for learning about Visual-Eyes Software at your own pace and 24/7 technical support, we are here to help you learn how to effectively use features like electronic lens ordering at a pace that suits you. 

Explore Your Options for Direct Lens Ordering

Efficiency is essential for any successful lens dispensing business. 

Managing patient data and forms can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task that takes away from what you do best—taking care of your patients. With our integrated lens ordering system and streamlined patient management tools, we aim to alleviate administrative tasks so you can focus on providing quality patient care.

We can help you explore your options for making the lens ordering and dispensing process more efficient with pricing structures to suit your needs and direct access to digital catalogues from labs. Book your demo today to discover all the different benefits of Visual-Eyes Software. 

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