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Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Errors in Your Optical with Integrated Lens Ordering

Besides the ability to send jobs orders from within Visual-Eyes, Integrated Lens Ordering offers the option to download online catalogs directly from major labs, removing the need for manual data entry. Keep up to date with catalog changes and product availability, while eliminating costly transcription errors and freeing up time in your optical. 

Pricing lenses still remains fully customizable. There are currently three popular pricing structures:

  1. Markups – The traditional pricing method, allows you to apply one or a series of markups. Pick from multipliers, fixed markups, or a mix of both. 
  2. Manual Pricing – Allows you to tab through a spreadsheet-style screen and manually enter a price for each lens. This option is the least recommended, as it risks your pricing becoming outdated and is the most time consuming.
  3. Incremental Pricing – Allows you to set a base price then add a simple, fixed dollar amount for each upgrade (e.g. design, material, treatments, and coatings). This method is a popular solution for clinics who are looking for fixed upgrade costs to make pricing easy to quote. 

Take our online course to learn the setup, use, and maintenance of online catalogs. The course also details how to price lenses using each of the above methods. The ‘Online Ordering’ course can be accessed by logging into, and clicking on ‘Training Resources’ under the ‘Support’ tab.

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