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Benefits of the Routing Module

The Visual-Eyes Routing module is a valuable tool for managing patient flow and optimizing efficiency in a clinic setting. With its routing screen, the module provides several essential features that aid in streamlining the patient management process.

1. Facilitating more personalized and efficient care with quick access to key patient information.

2. Ensuring smooth coordination and reducing the chances of miscommunication or delays in patient care. The routing screen also provides visibility into which team member is attending to each patient.

3. Identification of Bottlenecks: The Routing module’s capability to generate reports showing waiting times allows clinics to identify areas where patients have been waiting the longest.

4. Contact Tracing Assistance: Accurate timestamps of when patients arrived and how long they have been in certain areas can aid in identifying potential contacts and managing public health concerns effectively.

5. Reduced Paper Usage: By eliminating the need for physical routing slips and patient files, the Routing module contributes to creating a paperless clinic environment.

Overall, the Visual-Eyes Routing module enhances these features, contributing to a more streamlined clinic workflow, enhanced patient satisfaction, and improved overall operational efficiency. If you are interested in implementing this module, please contact our Sales team ([email protected] or 403-314-1322 x 3). 

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