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How Visual-Eyes Streamlines Patient Communication Consent Management

Patient consent is mandatory under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) when sending any form of electronic communication. Visual-Eyes’ Consent Module effectively tracks patients’ permissions, ensuring emails and text messages are sent in compliance with this legislation. 

Visual-Eyes simplifies the process of maintaining current patient consent records with the following features: 

Smart Consent Prompts: When editing phone numbers or email addresses on patient files, Visual-Eyes will prompt you to update consent settings.

Electronic Consent with Visual Forms: Visual Forms, our online check-in module, allows you to easily collect electronic consent when gathering patient information.

Automated Consent Tracking: The consent module not only provides a way to enter ‘deliberate’ consent, but also automatically calculates the ‘implied’ consent date for each patient based on their transaction history.

We have introduced several updates to our consent logic to simplify and enhance the process of managing patient consent. 

Enhanced Consent Prompts

  • Prompt for Deliberate Consent: If the communication consent status is anything other than deliberate, the system will prompt users to update or remove consent. This ensures that patient communications remain compliant.
  • Warnings for Missing Contact Information: If communication consent is on file but no email or phone number is provided, the system will warn the user, helping to avoid potential communication issues.
  • Consent Update Prompt: Users will be prompted to update the patient’s consent when changing an email address or phone number on the family screen. If the user chooses to update, they will be taken to the consent screen; if not, they will be returned to the family screen.

Improved User Interface

  • Edit/Save Buttons: We have added edit and save buttons to the Consent screen, as well as to the email and cell phone fields. This provides a more intuitive and efficient way to manage and update consent information.
  • Change Entry Method: Users can now change the ‘Entry Method’ on consent rules if no other consent rules have changed. If a change is made within five minutes of creation, the system will prompt the user to confirm if they want to update their most recently entered rules.

Reverification of Contact Preferences

  • Reverify Contact Preferences Button: A new button on the consent page allows clinics to reverify a patient’s consent. Clicking this button sets the method to a Reverified status, ensuring that consent records are up-to-date without requiring additional changes.

These updates are designed to streamline managing patient electronic communication consent, ensuring your practice remains compliant with CASL while maintaining accurate and current consent records.

Having valid patient consent on file is crucial when using an automated electronic messaging system, such as Visual Connect. For more information on consent and configuring it within Visual-Eyes, please contact our Training department at [email protected] or 403-314-1322 x 3.

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