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Streamlining Communication: Email Features in Visual-Eyes

Visual-Eyes’ email sending module, Visual Connect, is designed to enhance communication capabilities and strengthen patient relationships. This module simplifies and streamlines the emailing process, offering both manual and automated communication options directly from the software.

With Visual Connect you can automate:

  • Appointment Reminders (with optional Reschedule & Visual Forms links)
  • Recall Reminders (with optional Book Now links)
  • Order Pickup Reminders
  • Contact Lens Reorder Reminders

Additionally, you can manually send emails from the Main Patient, Insurance, Invoice, Linking, and Appointment screens, all with personalized templates. These emails support additional add-on features including:

  • Visual Forms – Attach and email relevant intake documents for patients to complete online prior to their appointment.
  • Online Payments – Minimize your A/R by sending invoices with Pay Now links when using one of Visual-Eyes’ payment processing partners. 

Should you wish to implement Visual Connect or seek further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team ([email protected]). We are dedicated to continually enhancing our solutions to meet your evolving needs and assist you in providing the best possible care to your patients.

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