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Bringing Your Optical to the Next Level: How to Grow Your Optical Business

The right strategy for building your optical business can depend on your customers’ unique needs and your team’s challenges, but choosing an all-encompassing solution that provides comprehensive support for daily operations can enhance every aspect of your business. 

Some of the strategies we recommend for growing your optical business include the following:

  • Analyze and optimize your customers’ experiences
  • Simplify your invoicing process
  • Streamline your inventory management processes
  • Make your files digital

Improving efficiency with software designed for you and your staff can also help your patients have great experiences, encouraging them to come back and recommend your business to others.

Practice management software like Visual-Eyes can help you understand your customers’ and staff’s needs while making daily operations smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable for everyone. With the right suite of features, you can get support for everything from inventory management to customer file management. 

Analyzing and Optimizing Customer Experiences

Understanding the experience of every person visiting your business can help you identify what is working well and what could be improved. With software like the ToDo and Routing module in Visual-Eyes, you can monitor your clientele throughout their visit—and provide support for enhanced staff communication that helps improve your customer experiences.  

Adding Staff Support

Software like Visual-Eyes can help your staff stay organized and prepared to meet the needs of everyone who visits you. Its features let you add specific information and tasks to your customer files and support convenient, adaptable messaging between team members. 

Improving Efficiency

The ToDo and Routing module also makes it possible to track visitors as they move from one stage to the next. This functionality helps ensure nobody is left waiting. It can make it easier to assess wait times and identify bottlenecks, allowing you to make adjustments that help optimize your services for improved experiences—all of which can encourage people to visit you again and recommend you to others.  

an optician invoices a young couple for glasses

Simplifying Your Invoicing Process

Making your invoicing process easier to manage can help your staff spend more time providing positive experiences for every person who visits you. Staying organized and increasing efficiency without losing accuracy can also help you avoid errors and other invoicing issues that could lead to negative experiences. 

With support from software features like the invoicing module in Visual-Eyes, you can easily monitor your customer invoice details, maintain your accounts receivable records, accept deposits, and split payments between different accounts. This helps make payments easier and more accessible for your clientele and staff. Visual-Eyes also offers a number of integrations to further streamline your processes, including Telus Health eclaims and payment processors, which offer online payments to provide even more payment options. 

Through Visual-Eyes, you can also reduce the time you spend tracking and managing third-party balances and keep track of detailed payment information that can make end-of-day reconciliations easier. The invoicing module can even generate comprehensive reports on sales, payments, discounts, and other information you can use to analyze and adjust the strategies you use for growth. 

Streamlining Your Inventory Management Process

The time required to manage crucial inventory is time that could be better spent with customers. Visual-Eyes can speed up the process of tracking your inventory with barcode scanning and help you quickly gain insights into your customers’ spending patterns and preferences through the dispensing module

The dispensing module can generate reports about every frame you sell and order, including details about warranties, special orders, credits, and returns to suppliers. It also integrates with most major labs to help you send orders quickly and accurately and provide more transparency in the lab’s production process. 

Our lab order management reduces the potential for order errors, helping you provide the high-quality eyewear that your clientele expects. 

infographic demonstrating the ways that digital software supports optical business growth through enhanced inventories, boosted efficiency, increased staff availability and improved experiences

Making Your Files Digital

Traditional paper files can create more problems than they solve. With digital files, you can easily access all the information you need, often on a single screen, from any computer in your office—no need to waste time hunting for files.

The file linking module of Visual-Eyes Software can help you keep all your critical information in a central location, including information like copies of glasses prescriptions and insurance results.

When you combine a digital file system with all the other features of digital practice management software, you can get complete support for your customer experiences, from tracking their progress during their visit to updating their files and records when you receive new information. 

Grow By Going Digital with Visual-Eyes Software

Visual-Eyes Software is designed with your needs in mind and can be tailored to your business’s specific processes and operations. The foundation of our approach to supporting optical businesses is providing full support for your growth and helping you exceed your customers’ expectations. 

Book a demo to learn more about getting started with Visual-Eyes, the training you can take advantage of, and the growth opportunities we can help you secure. 

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