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5 Tips on How to Remind Patients of Appointments

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5 Tips on How to Remind Patients of Appointments

Calendar with "appointment" written on day of 12th as reminder

Having a bustling schedule is great, but it does not mean much if you cannot be sure your patients will reliably arrive for their appointments. We all lead busy lives and occasionally things slip through the cracks of our full calendars. Luckily you can offer your patients convenient reminders that are simple for your staff […]

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Marketing Campaigns and Their Effectiveness

Marketing campaigns create a unique URL that allows you to track if patients are finding your online booking site from your social media platforms, emails, ads, and more. More importantly, they also show which of those markets result in bookings.  Various tools can determine how patients are booking appointments at your office. You can utilize:  […]

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Benefits of Selling Gift Cards

Many businesses do not feel the need to offer gift cards for a handful of reasons. Maybe they consider themselves too small, already offer gift certificates, or just do not know where to start. But if you do not sell gift cards yet, you are ultimately missing out. You take pride in your business and […]

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OptoCalc by Visual-Eyes

OptoCalc is a calculator created by Visual-Eyes with optometrists, opticians, and optometric assistants in mind. It is designed to help simplify and increase efficiencies with industry specific calculations, such as those made for determining edge thickness, spectacle magnification, vertex, and more. The optocalc.exe file can be downloaded HERE, as well as copied to any Windows computer.  The Visual-Eyes […]

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Benefits of the ToDo Module

ToDo and Routing Module

The Visual-Eyes ToDo Module gives your clinic the ability to go fully paperless, with interoffice communication and task managing capabilities. ToDo module features include: Creating reminders for tasks that can be linked to a specific patient’s file.  Monitoring the completion status of ToDos. Forward dating messages for reminders of future tasks. Sending messages or tasks to an individual, […]

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Let Patients Know When You Are Open

In Visual Care, there is a feature that enables you to set your regular clinic hours, as well as holiday closures. Setting the times that your business is open will affect: How messages are sent from Visual Connect; messages will not send on days that you are closed. Available booking days in Visual Book. It is important to […]

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How to Make Your Eye Care Practice More Efficient

Happy and confident female optometrist with crossed arms in clinic.

In today‚Äôs market, making sure your eye care practice runs efficiently can help you to stand out. But what are some steps you can take to increase its efficiency? There are several options available to help you do this. From data conversion software, to training, to something as simple as identifying the problem areas in […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are entering a new patient or completing an exam, memorizing and using keyboard shortcuts in Visual-Eyes is quicker than going back and forth with your mouse. Visual-Eyes makes use of general and exam specific keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate and save time. A few favorites include: Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl S – Saves your work Shift Tab – Takes you back […]

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Email Campaigns Keep Patients Informed

Email marketing campaigns are available in Visual Connect, allowing your clinic to create and customize email blasts for newsletters, marketing, and educational material. Stay front of mind by keeping patients informed of office updates, the latest trends and promotions, and more. A detailed Email Campaigns Guide is available that covers how to create, pause, resume, […]

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How to Prevent Patient No-Shows

Doctor looking at clock waiting for late patient for appointment.

While no-shows can feel like an inevitable part of providing health care, there are plenty of actions you can take to prevent patients from missing or forgetting about their eye care appointments.  From tweaking the patient experience in your eye care practice, to instituting our convenient and efficient Visual-Eyes software for bookings and reminders, here […]

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