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Benefits of Selling Gift Cards

Many businesses do not feel the need to offer gift cards for a handful of reasons. Maybe they consider themselves too small, already offer gift certificates, or just do not know where to start. But if you do not sell gift cards yet, you are ultimately missing out. You take pride in your business and products, which means that they are as good, if not better than those of larger companies. So why should you offer less options than they do? Here is why your business should sell gift cards.

Increase Your Revenue
Gift cards are a lucrative business: every year, billions of dollars’ worth of gift cards are not redeemed for goods or services. If you sold gift cards, you could inject those unclaimed card balances right into your business without having to worry about delivering large quantities of goods or services all at once, since gift cards are usually redeemed one at a time over a longer period. This can lessen the pressure on your staff and inventory during peak seasons and even bring in traffic during slower periods. But the best part? When people who receive gift cards do spend them, they spend 60% more on average than the value of their gift card. Money that makes money? Yes, please!

Sell a Card, Get Free Publicity
No matter how long you have been in business or how good your offering is, you will always need to market your brand and attract new customers (or remind old ones that you are still around). Gift cards are free publicity: customers who love your business and are happy to share it with others will essentially be paying you to circulate cards with your business name and logo on them. And for each card you sell, you can be sure to gain at least one new customer. Thanks to eGift cards, customers can be reached further away, meaning a larger pool of new potential customers.

Launching your own gift card program can be quick and easy as long as you choose the right partner. Visual-Eyes has partnered with Paystone to offer this service to you, so that you could be swiping gift cards in as little as 10 business days! Choose to sell in-store, online or both for the best outcome for your business. Tie it all together with our in-store or online payment processing options, so you can use one device to process all of your transactions! For a special gift card promo click HERE.

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