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Communicating Through ‘Notes’

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Online Visual-Eyes Resources for your Staff

Visual-Eyes has multiple online resources available to help your staff increase their knowledge of the software. Online Training Courses  To access the online courses: These courses are a helpful resource for: Other Online ResourcesUnder the ‘Support’ tab, there are additional resources that clinics can benefit from when logged in. Regardless of which resource you try, you are […]

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Visual-Eyes Directory

Dispensing Module

For your reference, please find below a summary of the Visual-Eyes direct access email addresses and extensions. To ensure they will be seen and actioned in a timely manner, the emails and phone numbers below are all monitored by multiple individuals. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are happy to answer any questions […]

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Comprehensive Billing Guides by Province

Visual-Eyes has Provincial Billing Procedure Guides to help keep your office financials running smoothly. These resources will guide you through the submission and remittance process. They outline: How to become your own submitter. Creating and uploading a submission file from Visual-Eyes. Downloading and processing a remittance file from Visual-Eyes. Handling invalid, cancelled, refused, and rejected […]

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Preparing for Year End Inventory

The end of the year marks the time when you typically take stock of the frames you have in your eye gallery. Visual-Eyes has some tips to make this process run smoother.  Run Frame Discrepancy Reports and Tray Reports Catch and fix data entry errors ahead of time.  Pre-inventory prep Clean up any frames on hold and pending warranty/part […]

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New Online Training Resource

ToDo and Routing Module

Visual-Eyes’ new online training resources contain videos, practice sessions, and quizzes to help train your team. This new resource is now available to all Visual-Eyes clinics at no additional cost. To access these online courses: Register for an account on Note: There may be a slight delay for the website and course registration due to the security verification process.  Once you are […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are entering a new patient or completing an exam, memorizing and using keyboard shortcuts in Visual-Eyes is quicker than going back and forth with your mouse. Visual-Eyes makes use of general and exam specific keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate and save time. A few favorites include: Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl S – Saves your work Shift Tab – Takes you back […]

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Tasks to Streamline Visual-Eyes

Do you have an eager team member looking for ways to help your clinic?  We have compiled a list of tasks that can be worked on during a clinic’s downtime to help further streamline Visual-Eyes in your practice. Some of these ideas include: Implementing and customizing Integrated Lens Ordering Setting up Visual Care templates Implementing […]

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