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Solutions to Common TELUS eClaims Codes

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Solutions to Common TELUS eClaims Codes

File Linking Module

Visual-Eyes has integrated with TELUS Health, streamlining the insurance claims submission process for optometrists. This integration offers several key benefits, including reducing double entries and automatically allocating insurance amounts. While using this integration, users may encounter standard insurance messages and codes when submitting claims. To assist you, we have developed a TELUS eClaims Codes Guide that details common codes, their meanings, and resolutions. Familiarity with these codes is crucial for optimizing […]

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Comprehensive Billing Guides by Province

Visual-Eyes has Provincial Billing Procedure Guides to help keep your office financials running smoothly. These resources will guide you through the submission and remittance process. They outline: How to become your own submitter. Creating and uploading a submission file from Visual-Eyes. Downloading and processing a remittance file from Visual-Eyes. Handling invalid, cancelled, refused, and rejected […]

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Streamline Insurance and Check-ins with Visual Forms

Visual Forms

Gather information from patients electronically and have it automatically update into Visual-Eyes with our newest module, Visual Forms. It can be used for intake forms, COVID-19 screening, dry eye questionnaires and more! With Visual Forms you can collect: Demographic details Insurance information Electronic consent You can also have patients: Sign Telus eClaims consent forms Sign MSP […]

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Visual-Eyes’ New Insurer Screen

Visual-Eyes’ new insurer screen offers a variety of exciting features and improvements. Clinics can look forward to:  A modernized look Ease of use when linking insurance records to other patients Quick access to the insurer’s website Options to print off eClaims consent forms for patients Summarized claim history For details on how to enable and […]

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