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Benefits of the Routing Module

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Benefits of the Routing Module

The Visual-Eyes Routing module is a valuable tool for managing patient flow and optimizing efficiency in a clinic setting. With its routing screen, the module provides several essential features that aid in streamlining the patient management process. 1. Facilitating more personalized and efficient care with quick access to key patient information. 2. Ensuring smooth coordination and reducing […]

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Optimize your Optometry Practice with Effective Patient Experience Surveys

a man holds a smart phone with one hand, holding a finger over the other as though to place a rating on an optometrist website. There is a speech bubble over the phone, with five stars in the bubble

Patient surveys are a great way to measure the patient experience and make sure that your optometry practice is running smoothly. Eye care is a personal experience that encompasses not just the eye health exam. Elements that can drive patient satisfaction include: Regularly checking in with your patients can allow you to identify your practice’s […]

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Comprehensive Billing Guides by Province

Visual-Eyes has Provincial Billing Procedure Guides to help keep your office financials running smoothly. These resources will guide you through the submission and remittance process. They outline: How to become your own submitter. Creating and uploading a submission file from Visual-Eyes. Downloading and processing a remittance file from Visual-Eyes. Handling invalid, cancelled, refused, and rejected […]

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Using Leading Indicators to Improve Practice Performance

Leading indicators measure behaviours your clinic can implement to achieve a goal. Effective leading indicators are actionable. On the other hand, lagging indicators are metrics reported after the event, such as monthly sales.Some examples of goals and their possible leading indicators include:      Goal: Increasing revenue per patient     Leading Indicators: The optometrist prescribes needs-based specific eyewear solutions to the patient Exam-room […]

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How to Improve Work Efficiency with Optometric Practice Management Software

an optician manages her day with optometric practice management

Ensuring your practice is an efficient workplace is an ongoing process that can be difficult to achieve without the proper support. With the evolution of practice management software, office efficiency has come a long way.  Visual-Eyes Software offers an innovative system that can adapt to the needs of your practice, helping you streamline your office […]

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How to Manage Multiple Eye Care Business Locations

a woman uses a laptop to manage her eye care businesses

Do you own multiple eye care business locations? If so, you know that managing numerous eye care practices requires efficient, streamlined, and flexible software solutions. But how do you know which practice management software to choose for your eye care business? With an abundance of practice management software options available, it is important to note […]

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Preparing for Year End Inventory

The end of the year marks the time when you typically take stock of the frames you have in your eye gallery. Visual-Eyes has some tips to make this process run smoother.  Run Frame Discrepancy Reports and Tray Reports Catch and fix data entry errors ahead of time.  Pre-inventory prep Clean up any frames on hold and pending warranty/part […]

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Visual-Eyes’ New Insurer Screen

Visual-Eyes’ new insurer screen offers a variety of exciting features and improvements. Clinics can look forward to:  A modernized look Ease of use when linking insurance records to other patients Quick access to the insurer’s website Options to print off eClaims consent forms for patients Summarized claim history For details on how to enable and […]

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New Online Training Resource

ToDo and Routing Module

Visual-Eyes’ new online training resources contain videos, practice sessions, and quizzes to help train your team. This new resource is now available to all Visual-Eyes clinics at no additional cost. To access these online courses: Register for an account on Note: There may be a slight delay for the website and course registration due to the security verification process.  Once you are […]

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