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Using Leading Indicators to Improve Practice Performance

Leading indicators measure behaviours your clinic can implement to achieve a goal. Effective leading indicators are actionable.

On the other hand, lagging indicators are metrics reported after the event, such as monthly sales.
Some examples of goals and their possible leading indicators include:

     Goal: Increasing revenue per patient
     Leading Indicators:

  • The optometrist prescribes needs-based specific eyewear solutions to the patient
  • Exam-room hand-off to an eyewear specialist
  • Track, using the power of Visual-Eyes Exams, the number of Rx Recommended

     Goal: Increasing booking rates
     Leading Indicator:

  • Review “Visit Overview” to identify family members that are due
  • Using the power of the Visual-Eyes “Booking Source” field, track recall and marketing initiatives as well as staff performance

With the start of the new year, this is a great time for the team to work together to set actionable goals, track, and celebrate the results.

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