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Specialty Contact Lens Update

Contact Lenses

When ordering scleral contact lenses, additional scleral fields are now available so that you can add the extra information required. Please take a look at our Scleral Lens Guide for more information on how to set up and utilize this feature. If you require additional assistance, please contact our Product Support team at [email protected] or 403-314-1322 x 1. […]

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Maximize Your Online Bookings

Scheduler Module

Our integrated online scheduling system enables patients to book appointments from the comfort of their own homes, at any time of day. Here are some ways to promote online booking to your patients: 1. Add a “Book Now” link – EVERYWHERE!  Website Email Signatures Social Media Recalls Marketing Campaign Emails 2. Post QR codes that […]

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Optimize your Optometry Practice with Effective Patient Experience Surveys

a man holds a smart phone with one hand, holding a finger over the other as though to place a rating on an optometrist website. There is a speech bubble over the phone, with five stars in the bubble

Patient surveys are a great way to measure the patient experience and make sure that your optometry practice is running smoothly. Eye care is a personal experience that encompasses not just the eye health exam. Elements that can drive patient satisfaction include: Regularly checking in with your patients can allow you to identify your practice’s […]

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Global Payments Integration Now Available!

Visual-Eyes integrates with Global Payments for your debit and credit payment processing needs. With this integration, payment information will transfer seamlessly from Visual-Eyes to the point-of-sale terminal. Benefits include: Saving time by eliminating manual entry Reducing transcription errors Achieving day-end balances more efficiently Accepting payments anywhere – online, through mobile, in-app, on-site, and more Reducing credit card […]

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Visual-Eyes Directory

Dispensing Module

For your reference, please find below a summary of the Visual-Eyes direct access email addresses and extensions. To ensure they will be seen and actioned in a timely manner, the emails and phone numbers below are all monitored by multiple individuals. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are happy to answer any questions […]

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Comprehensive Billing Guides by Province

Visual-Eyes has Provincial Billing Procedure Guides to help keep your office financials running smoothly. These resources will guide you through the submission and remittance process. They outline: How to become your own submitter. Creating and uploading a submission file from Visual-Eyes. Downloading and processing a remittance file from Visual-Eyes. Handling invalid, cancelled, refused, and rejected […]

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Integrating Equipment with Visual-Eyes

Examination Module

Make your clinic more efficient, reduce staff time, and eliminate data entry errors by integrating your equipment. Visual-Eyes currently integrates with over 175 models of equipment, including: Lensometers Tonometers Keratometers Autorefractors Auto Phoropters Lab Equipment Payment Terminals Review the Pre-Test Equipment List to see the different models currently compatible with Visual-Eyes. If there is a model missing that you have, please reach out so that we may start […]

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5 Point Server Checklist

ToDo and Routing Module

As technology continues to advance and equipment reaches the end of its life expectancy, it is important to keep up with the latest hardware. This is especially important for your server. If your clinic is replacing your server, there are some steps to take to ensure a smooth transition.  Review our Hardware Requirements to ensure the new server meets […]

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Using Leading Indicators to Improve Practice Performance

Leading indicators measure behaviours your clinic can implement to achieve a goal. Effective leading indicators are actionable. On the other hand, lagging indicators are metrics reported after the event, such as monthly sales.Some examples of goals and their possible leading indicators include:      Goal: Increasing revenue per patient     Leading Indicators: The optometrist prescribes needs-based specific eyewear solutions to the patient Exam-room […]

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