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Best Practices for Pre-booking Appointments

There are several practice pearls to increase the success of pre-booked appointments.

1. Treat Pre-booked Appointments Seriously 
Consider pre-booked appointments as actual commitments. Utilize Visual Connect to send the booking details via email or text to the patient, along with a link to add the appointment to their calendar.

2. Block Out Your Schedule in Advance 
By blocking out your schedule, you reserve time for new patient appointments. If you know a practitioner will be unavailable for two weeks, block those dates off beforehand. It is better to be generous with your blocked-off time, as opening up appointment slots is easier than closing and cancelling them.

3. Link Appointments to Recalls in Visual-Eyes 
Create a recall within Visual-Eyes and link the appointment to it. To do this, open the recall and select the appointment date using the small calendar button. Linking the appointment to the recall serves two purposes: first, it removes the patient from the recall list; second if they cancel or no-show, they will be added back to the recall list.

Making these practices habitual will increase patient retention and save valuable resources.

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