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Improve Patient Retention and Increase Revenue by Automating Your Recalls

Automated recall software can help maximize patient communication and remove the need for recall cards. 

Optometrists often rely on recall cards to remind patients about their upcoming appointments. These cards can be useful, but are not always the most cost effective option.

Thanks to advancements in software and technology, optometrists now have access to various strategies to help them recall, retain, and reschedule patients. 

With software modules like Visual Connect and Visual Book, you can increase and optimize the connection with your patients. These technologies automate the recall process, making patient scheduling, and following up more streamlined with text and email reminders. 

Clinics that enhance communication with these features can connect more effortlessly with their patients, saving their practice valuable time and money.

Downsides of Recall Cards

Physical appointment recall cards were once an effective and affordable way to reconnect with your patients. 

You would print labels from your practice management system and mail them to your patients. The card would then prompt the patient to call you to book their appointment. In the end though, your patients could still misplace their cards or forget to call back, leaving your practice vulnerable to empty appointment slots and lost revenue. 

Lack of engagement can also impact your long-term relationships with patients and decrease retention. With increased mailing costs and reduced reliance on mail, recall cards can be less effective and more expensive compared to automated methods. 

Benefits of Efficient Patient Recall

While your primary goal is to serve your patients, ours is to help you facilitate a more efficient workflow and a better patient experience. 

Automated recall software can give you and your patients a streamlined booking experience while offering several services beyond appointment reminders. 

Some benefits include:

  • Patient reminders for treatment plans and eye health
  • Maintaining the right balance of new and existing patients in your schedule
  • Recurring revenue for your practice
  • Improving your practice’s performance
  • Increasing patient engagement and communication 
  • Freeing administrative staff to focus on other tasks and the patient experience 

Automating your patient recall processes can maximize your staff’s time and resources with a focus on strengthening your relationships with patients. 

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Visual Connect: A Solution Tailored to Your Practice 

Visual Connect makes it easy to connect with patients on their terms. Learn more about our Visual Connect software and how it can impact your practice. 

What Is Visual Connect?

Visual Connect is an automated and fully integrated 2-way text message and email system which informs patients about upcoming appointments, recalls, and order notifications. 

Visual Connect Features

Improve patient retention and increase revenue with Visual Connect. With our software, you can enjoy beneficial features such as:

  • Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations with automated appointment reminders
  • Multiple communication options give patients the freedom to choose how you contact them
  • Automatic follow-up surveys through text and email, allow you to evaluate your practice’s performance
  • Send automated messages when your patients are due for an appointment
  • For those patients that need multiple reminders, you can create a schedule of messages that will only go out if patients have not booked
  • Customized message content

Visual Book: Empower Your Patients

Visual Book, our integrated online scheduler, allows patients to conveniently book their next appointment for a time and date that works for them. Visual Book only shows your patients open appointment time slots to avoid double booking. 

Your Visual Book site can be linked anywhere—from your website and social media to emails and texts—making it easy for patients to schedule their next visit.

Available 24 hours a day, Visual Book provides an efficient and easy appointment booking experience when your patients need it. 

Phone Recalls: Simplified

As an alternative to emails and texts, our phone recall screen makes it easy to target patients who prefer a personalized phone call

You can customize your phone recalls to fit each patient’s lifestyle by scheduling calls and choosing what content you want to communicate. A personalized phone call gives patients the information they need about your practice, including family member appointments, additional services, and promotions. 

You can effectively remind patients about the various options for booking their next appointment, including the efficient and streamlined online booking system through Visual Book. 

Our software can help you prepare for your phone recalls with all of the Visual-Eyes information at your fingertips. Use the Family Overview Panel to maximize your bookings by encouraging every family member to visit for an appointment based on their needs. 

While automated text and email recalls work for some patients, providing a personalized touch with phone recalls is preferred by others. 

Your Partners in Efficiency 

Recall systems are essential for operating a successful optometry practice. They can improve your team’s workflow while maximizing patient retention and increasing revenue with a fully booked schedule. 

How can recall automation benefit your practice? Book a demo today to see the difference our software modules can make. 

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