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Action Required: Email Authentication Changes

At Visual-Eyes, we are committed to ensuring your clinic’s patient experience is premium. To this end, there are some important changes that major email providers are implementing which affect how automated emails are handled.

Major email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo have recently started enforcing rules for Sender Authentication, with Google commencing initial phases in April. As a result, automated emails that do not meet these criteria may be filtered into the Promotions or Spam folders, or more likely, not delivered.

As email continues to be a vital tool for clinic-patient communication, understanding and improving email deliverability has never been more critical. To help you navigate these changes and ensure that your emails continue to reach recipients’ inboxes, we recommend the following actions:

  1. Clinic Branded Email Addresses:  Align your email address with your clinic’s domain for a professional appearance and to improve email deliverability.
  2. Email Authentication: Visual Connect users need to authenticate their domain (DNS records) with our mail servers to ensure that automated communications are not marked as unsolicited or spam.
  3. Access to a Branded Email Account: Ensure you can send and receive emails from your outgoing email address, so your patients can continue to communicate with you.
  4. Personalize Your Emails: Tailored messages resonate better with recipients, improving open rates and reducing the likelihood of being flagged as spam.

By incorporating these practices, clinics can enhance their email communication strategy, ensuring messages are effectively delivered to patients’ inboxes.

Thank you for your attention to this important update. We value your partnership and are committed to providing you with the best possible email experience. 

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