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How to Organize Patient Charts with Software Solutions

In recent years, more and more eye care practices are embracing the use of software to handle patient chart organization. The right software solution can allow you to improve the quality of patient care you provide, reduce errors, and document information more efficiently.

But how do you choose the right software for your practice? Visual-Eyes Software has a number of convenient features that allow you to access patient charts and information all in one place, enabling you to streamline how you collect and organize data. This can improve your practice’s operations and allow you to focus more time on the patient experience. 

Keep reading to discover the benefits of a reliable, user-friendly, and efficient system. 

How Organization Can Optimize Your Patient Experience

Managing your practice can be time consuming. An abundance of patient data often leads to an abundance of office work, which can take precious time away from your patients. To make the shift from an operation-focused approach to a patient-centered one, it is essential to use specialized software in order to achieve optimal results. 

At Visual-Eyes Software, we offer a variety of modules to help you make this shift. 

The ToDo and Routing Module

The ToDo and Routing module can help your team stay on top of daily tasks, ensuring they are completed efficiently and effectively. Features of this module include:

  • Monitoring tasks to identify bottlenecks to improve efficiency
  • Keeping track of your patients to ensure everyone is helped in a timely manner
  • No more post-it notes, the ToDo module helps keep track of your tasks for today and the future
  • Creating and consolidating notes and reminders
  • Tracking the efficiencies in your patient flow and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Sorting through files with ease to free up time to focus on patient care

The Visual Connect Module

The Visual Connect module is an automated messaging system that can improve patient communication and recall effectiveness. 

Visual Connect makes it easy to email and text with your patients in a way that is convenient for them. This automated and fully integrated software system includes:

  • Appointment reminders with live confirmations
  • Two way text messaging
  • Patient order notifications
  • Patient feedback through surveys and review generation

The Examination Module

The Examination module is a highly customizable system that can be tailored to the needs of your practice. With this module you can:

  • Import test results directly to your patient’s files
  • Quickly update prescription information
  • Seamlessly generate orders
  • Eliminate unnecessary transcription errors
  • Electronically sign and send prescriptions

Converting Patient Data Made Simple

If you are considering switching to Visual-Eyes Software, you may be wondering what will happen to the historical patient data you already have. When you make the switch, we perform a data conversion which is handled by our knowledgeable team and is not completed until you are satisfied.

The Visual-Eyes team is experienced with converting data from a variety of third party systems, including custom systems, so you do not have to worry about critical information getting missed. 

a shelf of hard copy patient charts to be transferred to a software system for chart management

Software Training for Successful Implementation

Our goal is to help ensure the successful implementation of Visual-Eyes Software at your practice. 

We know that changing your organizational structure can be overwhelming without proper support and training.  This is why the Visual-Eyes Software team offers customized training options to suit the needs of your office to ensure you and your staff become comfortable with the system.

Update Patient Information Across Multiple Locations

If your practice has multiple locations, we can help you to centralize your data, allowing you to make updates to a patient file that is reflected at each of your locations, no matter which one your patient visits.

With the help of Visual-Eyes Software, you can keep patient charts accurate and up-to-date, while being able to access information and communicate between each location seamlessly. 

Successful Organization Allows for Successful Operations

Digitally storing patient charts means the information you are looking for is only ever a few simple clicks away. Spend less time sorting through information and access data efficiently and easily with Visual-Eyes Software.If you are interested in how Visual-Eyes Software can benefit your practice, book a demo today. Our team is always here to discuss how we can be an efficient and effective solution for your practice.

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