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Join our Visual-Eyes Users Community Forum

Have you registered to access valuable resources on our website yet? Not only can you view past newsletter articles and webinars, but we now have a forum available.

Join the conversation with your fellow optometrists, clinic staff, and Visual-Eyes staff to ask any questions or share ideas that would benefit everyone.

The forum can be found at:
(Website registration is required to view and post.)

Are you the Practice Owner? We also have an Exclusive Visual-Eyes Practice Owner forum where best practices can be discussed with other owners. We recommend separate accounts for owners and staff, so owners can participate in this exclusive resource. Owner accounts must be linked to a private owner email address. If you have already registered for the website and are a practice owner, please reach out to [email protected] to let us know to provide you with access to the Practice Owner forum. All other forums are available to previously created website accounts.

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